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Internal Regime Regulation

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1. In accordance with Article 25 of Chapter I of Royal Decree 13/2020, of May 18, on Hotel Establishments, BOJA Extraordinary No. 27, of May 18, 2020, the establishment has the following Internal Regime Regulations that will be mandatory compliance for establishment customers.

D- The internal regime regulations will specify the following points:

2. Clients are required to present an identification document at the time of admission to the hotel establishment.

3. Before admission, every user of the hotel establishment will be given an admission document that must be signed by the client, and which includes the name, classification and registration code in the Andalusian Tourism Registry. of the establishment, the identification of the accommodation unit, the number of people who will occupy it, the dates of entry and exit, meal plan and, when the contract has been signed between the user and the operating company, the total price of the contracted stay. The admission document, once signed, will be kept by the establishment.

4. Users have the obligation to pay the amount of the contracted services at the time of check-in, or at an earlier time according to reservation conditions.

5. The hotel establishment may request prior payment guarantee, without distinction by any of these means: credit card, transfer, etc., for the contracted services, both for the entire reservation and for the extras.

6. The hotel day begins at 1:00 p.m. on the first day of the contracted period and ends at 11:00 a.m. on the day designated as the departure date. Without prior agreement, extension of your occupation for longer than the contracted period will not be permitted.

7. More people than those hired in each accommodation unit will not be allowed to stay. Visitors will also not be allowed to enter the rooms. Unregistered people may not be accommodated nor may the number of people in each room be greater than the capacity assigned by the company. Minors under 18 years of age who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is responsible for them cannot be accommodated.

8. Room cleaning hours begin at 10:00 and end at 12:00. If you want your towels changed, place them on the floor. The establishment’s staff will have free access to the rooms occupied by clients in the exercise of their duties.

9. Smoking is prohibited throughout the establishment, except in areas designated for this purpose, and the establishment is authorized to penalize the client with the amount of €300.00.

10. Access of people accompanied by animals is prohibited without express authorization from the establishment, with the exception of people accompanied by guide dogs, as established by Law 5/1998, of November 23, relating to the use of guide dogs by people in Andalusia. with visual dysfunctions.

11. For those establishment services intended for both clients and the general public, access and/or permanence of people will be prevented in the following cases:

a) When the minimum age established to access the premises is not met, according to current regulations.

b) When the person does not meet minimum hygiene conditions.

c) When the person carries weapons, and objects that can be used as such, unless in accordance with the provisions of the specific applicable regulations at any time, they are members of the Security Forces and Corps or private bodyguards integrated into private companies, and access the establishment in the exercise of their functions.

d) When the person is consuming drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or shows symptoms of having consumed them, and those who show obvious signs or behaviors of being intoxicated. Likewise, it will be cause for expulsion when they cause malicious damage to the facilities, scandal, noise, especially in the event of complaints from other users whose tranquility and privacy are disturbed.

12. In all these cases, the hotel establishment may resort to the assistance of the Agents of the competent Police Authority.

13. However, and in the cases described above, the person is obliged to pay the expenses generated up to the moment of the prohibition of access or stay in the establishment.

14. Custody of forgotten objects. Objects abandoned in the rooms will remain in custody for a period of two months, after which the management of the establishment will dispose of them at their convenience. Underwear, personal hygiene products, food or drinks will not be included among the objects to be kept.